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The Huntingtons - 80's Girl lyrics

I want a girl with a new wave hairdo
2 belts and don't go through those loops
Leg warmers and a gallon of hairspray
Dancing round with hula hoops
A girl that's not afraid to be cheesy
A girl that's not afraid to smile
Appreciates a really good pop song
Even if it's really been a while She's got to listen to O.M.D.
To attract my simple mind
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And if she looks pretty in pink
Then everything will be just fine Cause I want, I want an 80's girl Whatever happened to Molly Ringwald?
She was my favorite brat pack girl
But then I saw her in a dead end movie
And it totally flushed my world
John Hughes needs to write another story
Cause I haven't quite grown up yet
Need some advice from Mr. Bender
I'm not the only one I bet

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