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The Huffington Post - Was Michael Hastings' Car Hacked? (Huffington Post Excerpt) lyrics

"There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers" -- including the United States -- know how to remotely seize control of a car.


"What has been revealed as a result of some research at universities is that it's relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn't want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn't want the brakes on, to launch an air bag...You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it's not that hard."


"So if there were a cyber attack on the car -- and I'm not saying there was...I think whoever did it would probably get away with it."

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"I believe the FBI when they say they weren't investigating him...That was very unusual, and I'm sure they checked very carefully before they said that."


"I'm not a conspiracy guy. In fact, I've spent most of my life knocking down conspiracy theories...But my rule has always been you don't knock down a conspiracy theory until you can prove it [wrong]. And in the case of Michael Hastings, what evidence is available publicly is consistent with a car cyber attack. And the problem with that is you can't prove it."


"I think you'd probably need the very best of the U.S. government intelligence or law enforcement officials to discover it."

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