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The House Jacks - Adventure Day lyrics

{Verse 1}
Six o'Clock in the morning and you can't wait
It's time to rage as you rattle your cage
And remind me we've got a date
A clever grin and an attitude
You grab a fist full of monkey food

{Verse 2}
We hit the street, you remind me it's your turn to drive
You grab the wheel and i'm starting to feel
What it means to be alive
A blast of wind and the surf's in my hair
We're both a mess but we just don't care

Come with me, me and you, you will see
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Somewhere, someone, something new
Adventure Day

{Verse 3}
Sand and sun all around as you take the stage
Pretty girls all over the world
And it looks like they're just your age
A little red head has started to stare
Bring her a present and you can teach her to share


Trains and planes, a butterfly
Get on board it's time to touch the sky


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