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The House Jacks - The Boy Is Gone lyrics

[Verse 1}
Born in 83' crossed over the sea to land of oppertunity
Father makes his way and mother is okay
He dreams while the sun is rising but-

{Chorus 1}
Can't you see what's left in he
The boy is gone, oh so gone

{Verse 2}
And now he's following the lead of others patiently
It slowly sets his mind at ease
But he's caught up in a war too busy keeeping score
To know what he's been fighting for

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{Chorus 2}
Can't you hear the words of fear
The boy is gone, oh so gone

Don't let the boy take your life
He will try, he thinks it's right but I don't know why

{Chorus 3}
Can't you feel the end is near
The boy is gone oh so gone
Can't you feel the end is here
Now they're all gone
Cause they've never had the chance to right their wrongs
So gone

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