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The House Jacks - Talk2Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
Girl i can tell just what you're thinking
No need to keep it to yourself
Baby don't be shy, come over here, and talk to me
You drive me crazy when you're next to me
I can't describe at your perplexing needs
You don't have to say a word just match your bodytalk to me

Talk to me anyhow you want to communicate
Talk to me if it's foriegn to you then let me translate
Talk to me let me listen to every word you say
Just talk to me

[Verse 2]
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The influence or the wish you speak
Is one of a kind it's so unique
I know it's a secret i can't keep but speak to me
We're lost in a state of contemplation
You got me hanging on every word
Baby you think you need to explain every one of you
So I thought I could get through to you

[Chorus ]

I don't want to be too foreward
But i don't want to be left behind
I wanna get lost and still in your love
Totally entwined

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