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The House Jacks - Red Dress lyrics

{Intro 2x}
With that red dress on that's a little too tight
Your red dress on I make walk in all night
If you really want it put that red dress c'mon

{Verse 1}
I've been thinking about you
And all the little things that you do
It makes me wanna take my time
Get things right this time
(You got me outta my mind)
Cause I'm falling for you
And I know time goes so fast
If you don't think about it
So let's go put that dress on
You know I really need it girl
It's been too long

You look so good
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With your sungla**es and high heels on
With that little red dress on
You got me outta my mind

{Verse 2}
Baby I'm fine
But I can never get you outta my mind
And I don't know what to do when I'm without you
(I know there's this thing about you baby)
I know I'm asking fast for you to be in that dress
(It makes my body go crazy)
So let's go put that red dress on
You know I really need it
It's been too long

I know that sometimes things in life
They might seem strange
I'm telling you that we can make it
Our love is getting stronger
And I can't break no longer for you

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