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The Horse And The Hammock - Puppey Rap lyrics

They call me the Horse rapper
Makes no f**ing sense
Let's get it

[Verse 1]
Yo it's your boy Puppey I'm second to none
The Clementinator, it's not up for debate or argument
I'm veteran, i'm placin better than most of these chumps
Thinking they can go up against the legendary Chen
Been holding strats since TI3 (That's a long time)
I've seen the future, and future holds a TI win for me
I got more knowledge on the game than anyone you know
I'm the only one who can teach Jacky how not to throw
My boy Arteezy, I tried to teach him manners
But all he cared about is climbing up the ladder
He wanted to achieve what others had already done
He really wanted to believe he was the chosen one
But time out, Puppey Pause, it is not tactical - it's practical
And you know because of it I have never lost (lost)
But truth be told, there's one thing that i need
I need him back in my life, you know I need Dendi

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Dendi Dendi where did you go
I've got a spot for you, ya know
Dendi Dendi where did you go

(Stop picking Alchemist please)

[Verse 2]
322 is not a word in my vocabulary
As a matter of fact im gonna need a dictionary
To look up what it means to throw the game
It isn't possible cause Puppey is the name (right here)
And people are calling players gods like it is common
But how many of them have already been forgotten
To be the best it's not an easy task
It requires the ability to captain and to draft (the best)
I know I may be coming off a little strong and it's wrong
To think that people are all raising up their dongs
I am the best, that's easy to see
But i'm truly at my best when i've got Dendi

Dendi Dendi where did you go
I've got a spot for you, ya know
Dendi Dendi where did you go

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