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The Goats - Typical American lyrics

[ti:Typical American]
[ar:Goats, The]
[al:Tricks of the Shade]
[by:Dasein I'Sabbah]
[00:00.00]The Goats - "Typical American"
[00:09.96][00:12.62][00:15.18][00:17.68][01:52.65][01:55.31][01:57.86][02:00.27][03:40.46][03:43.03][03:45.48][03:47.93]I'm not your typical Amerikkkan
[00:19.95]Tell me whose is whose,
[00:21.24]tell me who was on the microphone.
[00:22.70]I'm Oatie of the Goaties,
[00:23.84]I propose I would like a bone
[00:25.30]to edge off the dredge.
[00:26.22]I'm alledged to have sparked a joint.
[00:27.21]Political and blisstical
[00:28.92]I really hope ya like my points.
[00:30.33]Aim at a target like a rifle not a shotgun.
[00:32.50]Don't spray into the fray to prove that I got one.
[00:35.04]Hide ya hose from Aaron Rose
[00:36.18]cause he knows how to top one.
[00:37.41]'S got a nose for the prose
[00:38.67]so don't suppose he will stop son.
[00:40.26]I'm rollin' in this rhyme like ya bite a tenderoni;
[00:42.83]rollin' in this rhyme cause it's mine and ya know me.
[00:45.20]I'ma mind, defy, or sing like Toni Tone.
[00:47.86]Singin' for their supper like a dog does a boni.
[00:50.33]George, get off my jock cause I'm really gettin' tired a this sh**.
[00:53.08]So step back Dan, and throw up those fists.
[00:54.86]Cause I'ma wriggity wreck shop and I turn this mothaf**a out.
[00:57.87]Pay what is due me, less I'm goin' up in your mouth.
[01:00.68]Yup yup I got the rhymes ta kick your, but
[01:02.42]It be the G to the O to the A to the T the M-A Double-D.
[01:04.92]Say "What up, hus? I got bucks. Yeah, I be on the 2 bus."
[01:07.56]So what's up? I got 'nuff respect to make ya jump.
[01:10.40]Welfare reciever with the north side attitude,
[01:13.11]I've had the sh** piled up like in multitudes.
[01:15.37]Nappy headed, holey shoed, roundin' out the roster first.
[01:18.10]Ya wanna step ya better check the Green Monster first.
[01:19.93]I don't pretend to be a nice guy,
[01:21.48]but still ya tryin'.
[01:22.58]I can go to plan B and you can get an eye jammy.
[01:25.10]So save the sob stories for a storybook
[01:27.59]and look Jack in the box can take a lickin' but I'm never gettin'
[01:30.40]took By Uncle Scam and his band of political crooks.
[01:32.90]Searchin' nooks and crannies of my granny's pocket book.
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[01:35.30]"Hello, hello? Can ya hear me now, G?"
[01:37.63]The typical American kid that ain't me.
[01:40.41]Neither is Oatie or the M-A double-D
[01:42.66]So pa** the dutchie from the left hand side.
[01:45.16]Don't hide the crop 'cause I got the E-Z Wides.
[01:47.96]I'ma survive, not s** seed.
[01:50.13]Cause I stand as a man, you can't hand me no bird feed.
[02:10.49]Pop goes ya head like the top of a daisy.
[02:12.75]Ya ghost when the word hits like Patrick Swayze.
[02:15.50]Crazy, this sh** about a plausible denial.
[02:17.99]North takes the raps, and ya claps at the trial.
[02:20.50]Pie à la mode, the ghettos will explode
[02:22.68]while ya sit pigeon toed at a diamond commode.
[02:25.18]Another episode of ya walkin' the streets.
[02:28.01]Million dollar stroll, five thousand pigs on the beat.
[02:30.20]For the very first time, imported from the hills,
[02:32.55]ya take money from the poor like a fiend pops pills.
[02:35.49]Like the Mills Brothers sing a very white song,
[02:37.72]but the roots of ya soul kinda colored belong.
[02:40.40]I'm paralyzing punks with a positive pedigree.
[02:42.90]For those who choose to love me, I'm the M-A the double D.
[02:45.44]For those who choose to hate me, I negate like their full effect.
[02:47.89]Feelin' ready and willin' to break Darryl Gates' neck.
[02:50.38]Like, "Fee diddilly, Foe, Fum," I gets dumb,
[02:52.55]and like the typical American black male,
[02:54.72]I'm done.
[02:55.51]Eatin' apple pies when M-A Double's rockin' rhymes
[02:57.71]and you know they on my nuts hus,
[02:59.11]they climb, they climb
[03:00.43]The hell with Stormin' Norman (Schwarzkopf) I write rhymes, Black
[03:03.10]They be political plus they be all o' that.
[03:05.59]Philly born and bread wit blunts straight to the head.
[03:08.08]Callin' me conformist, man I warned you that sh** was dead.
[03:10.60]Military is a mockery for all to see.
[03:13.25]Be all you can be is just another trick that's up their sleeve.
[03:15.60]But ya better believe that you'll be grievin' when ya ain't receivin'
[03:18.42]what was promised don't be astonished cause ya won't be leavin'.
[03:20.82]They reeled ya in like your skin had fins
[03:23.08]Now your're poundin' sand for another man's sins.
[03:25.48]To each his own to each his to each they say,
[03:28.02]but I'ma blow a bone, and you can march 'til the cows come home.
[03:30.63]Your life's alone; that means you rent your own dome,
[03:32.99]but when you come home in a box,
[03:35.28]green draws, green pants, green socks.
[03:38.11]Typical American, kid, I think not.

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