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The Goats - ¿Do the Digs Dug? lyrics

[ti:¿Do the Digs Dug?]
[ar:Goats, The]
[al:Tricks of the Shade]
[by: Dasein I'Sabbah]
[00:00.00]The Goats - "¿Do the Digs Dug?"
[00:08.97]A hero ain't nuttin' but a sandwich.
[00:11.06]I mean, well I need a hoagie if I am to manage
[00:13.46]To fill myself up and stay fat.
[00:15.63]Yo yo, I gotta kick the raps, yo yo I gotta keep the naps.
[00:18.18]Well, see, its like this um, I forgot to mention,
[00:20.19]You was slingin' on my wingding
[00:21.67]swingin' like the Wringling
[00:22.67]s**ers on the trapeze
[00:23.89]back and forth please.
[00:24.84]I keeps ya on ya toes to keeps ya off ya knees.
[00:27.08]Oops, I'm sorry, I'm just a Goat-man ach.
[00:29.33]First ya did some flips, but now ya just flopped.
[00:31.65]Damn, ouch, I didn't mean ta be that blunt.
[00:33.89]I gave ya what cha got cause I gives ya what ya want.
[00:36.21]Bustin' down the door, bustin' down the door
[00:38.30]Found the corporate heads dippin' Bush like a whore.
[00:40.55]Sayin' what is it for, what is it for?
[00:42.87]The green, the green, please back me some more.
[00:45.27]Leonard Peltier, Leonard Peltier
[00:47.51]Who da hell is that, why the f** should I care?
[00:49.60]In jail, in jail, in jail like a dealer.
[00:52.16]"f** George Bush!" says my T-Shirt squealer!
[00:54.48]Please, oh please set Leonard P. free;
[00:56.41]cause ya wiped out his race like an ant colony.
[00:58.97]Whatcha afraid of?
[01:00.14]Annie Mae Aquash?
[01:00.98]Found her lying in the ditch with no place for a watch.
[01:03.46][01:05.55][01:07.83][01:10.11][02:15.86][02:18.12][02:20.42][02:22.69][03:28.36][03:30.61][03:32.84][03:35.03]¿Do the Dugs Dig?
[01:04.42][01:06.71][01:08.87][01:11.24][02:17.02][02:19.22][02:21.43][02:23.77][03:29.46][03:31.70][03:33.97][03:36.25]¿Do the Digs Dug?
[01:21.34]I don't dig apple pie.
[01:22.69]It's an American lie.
[01:23.62]Because I dug between the lines
[01:24.86]all I found was swine.
[01:26.13]Direct control. I won't fold or succumb.
[01:28.05]I mean, be overcome.
[01:29.31]I mean, you know what I mean.
[01:30.68]The green team,
[01:31.61]ain't down with the White House clowns
[01:33.35]pushing round mounds of sh**.
[01:34.43]Tryin' to pound it down our throats.
[01:35.63]But dig it,
[01:36.35]I'd rather have a bud than a scud.
[01:38.17]Dug it.
[01:38.59]Cause I'ma pour tha salt on the slugs.
[01:40.18]Unplug it,
[01:40.92]the T.V.,
[01:41.46]cause I don't need to see
[01:42.44]Dan Rather.
[01:43.01]Cause it doesn't matter to me.
[01:44.15]They lather me up,
[01:45.17]but their suds are weak.
[01:46.37]But I'ma burn some Bushes,
[01:47.55]and cut the Quayle's beak.
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[01:48.89]Uh oh, yo, here I come again.
[01:50.92]Holdin' up the crap
[01:52.06]like a diaper, Depends.
[01:53.20]Aw George,
[01:54.36]ya don't pay attention.
[01:55.47]Put down the golf clubs
[01:56.61]and stop takin' away the pensions.
[01:58.00]What cha ma call it?
[01:58.81]The Emancipation Procla…somethin'?
[01:59.97]It doesn't mean a thing
[02:01.04]cause back then I wasn't nothin'.
[02:02.57]Just 1/3 of,
[02:03.38]what's that word, um,
[02:04.83]f** that, "Four score!"
[02:05.70]Furthermore I'm fumin'!
[02:07.09]What's their face?
[02:07.91]Ah Powell, I know ya dig it.
[02:09.16]A general, an officer, a pig to a piglet.
[02:11.58]They're both givin' time.
[02:12.65]They're both gettin' mine.
[02:13.79]It's time for Goats ta roast swine.
[02:34.20]Let me check my glock cause it's time to be checkin' it.
[02:36.25]In this age of no phase,
[02:37.28]ya know who's gonna be wreckin' it.
[02:38.44]With a crazy, spacy,
[02:39.97]Hendrix like hazy
[02:41.11]Purple maple syruple,
[02:41.90]jump the hurdle never lazy.
[02:43.35]Flim flam of Uncle Scam
[02:44.40]makes ya guard ya wad.
[02:45.38]Got heads of the state
[02:46.37]deciding fates like God.
[02:47.57]Makin' racists out of toddlers,
[02:48.85]soldiers outta bums.
[02:49.87]Put that wad in front of congress,
[02:51.13]see who cums
[02:52.31]first; cause they're cuttin' funds like liverwurst.
[02:54.42]Curse bout the purse and they'll drop ya in the hearse.
[02:56.57]With n******gs shooting blacks.
[02:58.04]Feds supply the gats.
[02:58.91]Dropping 8 ball jackets like Minnesota Fats.
[03:01.69]Congratulations on your biggest stunt yet,
[03:03.86]But you can't hit my blunt if your lips are wet,
[03:06.30]Call me crazy and I'm not the pretentious type.
[03:08.37]Just looks like maybe you's on the pipe.
[03:10.69]So go take another pull off the gla** dick.
[03:12.92]The way you drool, I think your lips was elastic.
[03:15.20]I asked Madd, he said you got your a** kicked.
[03:17.29]Try'n to play your pops for his plastic.
[03:19.61]Swayzack's cuttin' tracks on the head cracks.
[03:21.99]Gonna slay some monkeys for the junkies.
[03:24.14]Stay back and put the caps on the hat rack.
[03:26.52]Cause here's the plan: the man's gonna get funky.

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