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The Go! Team - The Wrath of Marcie lyrics

It's a fiasco at your back door once again
Run up at you hot footed, catch me if you can
It's a hop to a step to a jiggity drop
And then I'm back coming at you with a biggity bop

Now clap your hands high, no need to be shy
Shimmy down and show us part of in the meantime
Skip to it, stretch to it, taking a twist
Hear the sound coming round, see what you nearly missed

Like nothing's gonna happen
For we spent the summer in your birthday
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So we
You think you'll never get

In the confusion of revolution, tell me how
Think of something, look, look following the crowd
Now walk with me, walk with me, keep up for sure

Stomp, stomp the beat
Prove that you're rock steady

Live your life
Live your life

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