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The Go! Team - Milquetoast Brigade lyrics

When I see you walking down the street
Tears in your eyes, kicking your feet
You think that you are all alone
You've got no one to telephone

Sitting at your table writing poetry
Thinking that you're silly
You're young and unclean
But there are thousands of others who love you
Who would k** to be your friend
A horn-rimmed hippie [?] with the brains to match
You drive a '59 Dodge with no window in back
The radio was blaring, a young man here was staring
Ad your heart is license to drive

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Others always saying that you're up to no good
Your father wouldn't leave his paper[?] if he had to
But they don't matter, they'll never matter
All that counts is that I love you
Crawl into my bed and pull the blankets overhead
And tell each other that we'll never be alone
And when the stars go out, we'll fall asleep and dream

So pour a gla** of milquetoast and touch the sky
Make a toast to the sad, the timid and shy
Awkward[?], stupid, lazy, fey, and downright crazy
You can't argue with your parents anyway

All that counts is flying[?] within you
All that really matters is the torn black clothes you
All that matters is that I love you

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