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The Glitter Band - Goodbye My Love lyrics

Darling, please don't leave me now
I need you more than ever
Don't be sad
Don't let me see you cry
I'll love you
Love you forever
Think of me when you are far away
Think of me at least once ev'ry day

I say goodbye, my love, goodbye, my love
Till we meet once again
Yes, it's goodbye my love goodbye, my love
Say it's not the end

Standing here in the departure longue
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It's growing deep inside me
Wonder when
I'll see the love I found
Hoping that we were always meant to be
A million miles is just a breath away
A million miles is just some words we say

And it's goodbye, my love

Now they're calling, it's time for you to go
One more kiss before you're leaving
Now you're boarding as they close the doors
I hear the engines softly screaming

They say goodbye, my love

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