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The Glimmer Twins - Blinded By Rainbows lyrics

[Verse 1]
Did you ever feel the pain
That he felt upon the cross
Did you ever feel the knife
Tearing flesh that's oh so soft

Did you ever touch the night
Did you ever count the cost
Do you hide away the fear
Put down paradise as lost

Yeah you're blinded by rainbows
Watching the wind blow
Blinded by rainbows
Do you dream at night
Do you sleep at night
I doubt it

[Verse 2]
Did you ever feel the blast
As the Semtex bomb goes off
Do you ever hear the screams
As the limbs are all torn off
Did you ever kiss the child
Who just saw his father shot
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Do you ever shed a tear
As the war drags on and on



[Verse 3]
Do you ever fear the night
Could it be the war is lost
Do you fear the final hour
Do you kneel before the cross

You're blinded by rainbows
And I'm watching the wind blow'
Blinded by rainbows
Do you dream at night
Do you scream at night
Do you smell the fear
Is your conscience clear
Are you caked in sweat

Are your clothes all wet
Do you see the light
Is the end in sight
See the face of Christ
Enter paradise
I doubt it

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