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The Gilbertos - She's So Fine lyrics

Moon and me
The orbit and the poetry
A wish upon a star
And higher
Is where you are

Sun and sky
This trip will take you very,very high
Be a dove
Over the sea
Be a god
And let your love reign over me

She's so fine
And she is mine

Blue and red
And all the things you undoubtfully said
In the slaughterhouse of love
In a way
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Oh, I was so frankly shocked

Tried so hard
To keep this very sad things quite apart
To get the sunny side
At least a quarter
Of my life

She's so fine
And she is mine

She's so fine
Like that shiny sacred instant of a rhyme
She's a little piece of me
That isn't mine
She's the most authentic painture I can watch to
And it's a great relief of having her to talk to
I'll write a poem of tristesse
'cause she's unhappy with the way some people dress
I'm gonna say ''baby, this is just me
And I'm trying to figure out some poetry'

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