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The Getten Brothers - Morning Dew lyrics

Looking for something that's already here
Everyone holds the key to the kingdom
Get quiet, hear the bells
Ring them How do you find one second in a year?
How do I see something if I believe it's not there?
How do I sit if it's not in a chair? Patience, unlearning
Only you know your path
We're all going No such thing as first, last
Time is illusion, it doesn't exist
Just attention, focus
And minds that play tricks
Creates sits Circumstances
To learn from the Soul
Dipping the cup in the bowl
The jug, a hug Embrace your inner for you are me
We share the same dinner Translating for a substance that can think
But can't speak
Now it can through me, through you
These ideas leak Building a better future for the children,
For the meek (for the meek)
For the gods and goddess on the thrones
Vibrating tones of thought, Frequency A message to the cosmos (to the cosmos)
Return to order, back to harmony
Convergence of one, call
The Invisible army Inside it is done, just stand strong
Just stay true to always do what we do
Why we came here
Our mission remembered We are the ones
We start in September
The journey
It could be winding Many tests we must face
All in good timing
Just stay true, stay true
And you'll find it! The life of someone who sees
But cant explain what he's seeing
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What's the point of living?
No less tired of being oppressed Betrayed by suits about who's best dressed
In this brand prison (Gucci)
Think the division has divided
And cops commiting the violence Racist uniforms worn, by the ones informed
Why do I relate more to Gandhi and MLK
Than the president today? It feels life my peers are terrorists
Crucifying cla**mates
Governments giving d** to the streets
When the suit's distribution rings the bell (ding, ding) Markets open, you couldn't tell that the briefcase broken?
It short a bag, the revolution of toe tags
Won't be televised
Love for fellow friends and third eyes We in this to heal and thrive
Not fear to survive
So high to be grounded is why
I'm stretching like a rubber band Money May working to pay taxes
Flexible access, elastic ma**es
It's Christmas Gla**es Oh, snapping with the poets who know it
And show it, condone it to grow it
Just prolong the evil
Nothing's in the middle Trivialize why I live
With the problems that they give:
Hunger, pride, survive
Dress up like the enemy so we fight each other Give us addiction and feed us prescription
Press on inscription of head and tails
In this description of life we revolt
And they k** the pope
The pure are tainted with hope Gotta stand for your neighbor to cope
Even if your legs broke
Brothers are more than just blood (That's what's up)
Family's thicker than mud (Ayo, I got you bro) Demons tread through our head
Then the devil said, said your mine
And that's fine, you could have my ego
As I let go, and flow
To the next episode
(Flow, to the next episode)

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