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The Getten Brothers - Cognitive Dissonance lyrics

Don't slay the man, nor woo the wife
Vengance follows when he comes of age
And longs for land... Hallow the son's carrier
Wrath of the open sky
Beyond the one barrier
Of the most high
Mortal gods and goddesses
All of Kronos
Clear-eyed Athena calling out Zeus
The clouds gathered and the words
Spoken out the muse On the road to Ithica
Poseidon shakes the seas With sounds of the spheres,
The musica of the privileged
The useless find use in this cognitive dissonance
Seperating civilness in all of this Good morning, I'm sworn in
This life that I'm living's not boring
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Aware of all the blessings
Noticing the lessons Learning everyday, enjoying all the presents
The gifts, the message
This moment, these seconds
Alarm clocks, this breakfast Grateful to just be here
Glad that I could see clear
I see cheer, disaster
The New Earth comes faster It's amazing how the views change
Losing focus and the crews change
Just have good intentions
Everday's a new page A dance for new inventions
Make the world a better place
And the inner space
Get to know that self Make the world a better place
Without a name or face
Get to know that self
And the inner plane
Without a name or face Make the world a better place (x4)

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