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The get down - Urban philosophy lyrics

[verse 1]
So she thinkin' she my side b**h
Honest, always tellin' me the right sh**
She be workin' as my sidekick
I'll call her up right now, and we'll get f**in' high as sh**
I love when i just focus on her
She's got a mind like mine, and she's a partier
Party all night, her sh** don't stop
She call crack rock, she say that it f**in' rocks

Bad braud, and she kinda look like kylie george
Blonde hair, blue eyes, a f**in' sweetheart
Tell her meet me in the middle
Once we get together, we ain't never doin' sh**, but each other
She's got an older brother, i don't think that he approves
But seriously, i'm better than most of the dudes
Who don't do sh** but break your heart
While i'm just thinking of words to steal your heart
Poetry for a girl that f**in' stole my heart
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"f** it i'll take a late pa**," i always say that
When she holds me for the next cla**, oh is she that
Type of girl, i would give the world

Only if i could, other b**hes thought i would
But i'm picky bout' this sh**, so you best feel special
She always complains on how i'm theoretical

But it's safe......

[hook] (x2)
All she wanna do is d**
Now we're yellin' "f** love!"
Runnin' through the hallway
Middle finger up to the old days
And she don't like dancin'
So she saying' "f** dancin'"
And she don't believe in love
She just believes in happiness

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