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The Exies came together in 1997, emerging from the Los Angeles rock scene with Scott Stevens (vocals/guitar), Freddy Herrera (ba**), and Thom Sullivan (drums). br /br /Although rumor has it that Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots discovered the band after one of their infamous rock shows and was slated to produced the Exies' debut album, he was actually nothing more than an early fan of the band . Guitarist David Walsh joined the Exies by 1998; Sullivan left in 2000, leaving Dennis Wolfe to take over drum duties. The Exies released their first album, a self-titled effort, in March 2000. Two years later, the band had a deal with Virgin and hit the road with 30 Seconds to Mars. Inertia appeared several months later and its lead single "My Goddess", became a hit on modern rock radio. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

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