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The Chefs - Kepok lyrics

[Intro: Culinary Mastermind]
Man you know what it is
Chefs in this motherfucker
Shouts out to 7th street, shouts out to 8th street, shouts out to 9th street, shouts out to 85 divided by 2 street
Man, shouts out to all yall motherfuckers out there
Shouts out to Lil B the Basedgod man
Fuck all-you fucking with me, naw what im sayin
Aww ok, yea, yea, yea, tru, tru, tru
Man im fucking with 2 Chainz, he fucking with Big Sean everybody, naw what im saying
Aww Justin Bieber, what the fuck, aw yeah

85 hoes on my dick man it's Christmas
2013 bitch The Chefs in the building

[Verse 1: Culinary Mastermind]
2013 made it pass all the Mayans
Slapping Rihanna tell her shine like a diamond
Chillin with Ye, and even Waka too
I'm doing some shrooms, with Mario and Boo, bitch
I'm in the castle, crown me the king
Watching T.V. with a bag of chicken wings
Eating real good but i gotta watch my diet
Don't wanna end up fat, in the corner crying
Fucking is my exercise I do it everyday
I gotta a lot of problems but a bitch ain't one of them
Dick so long, look like the leaning Pisa
Fuck her then im done, make her buy me pizza
Swagging through my testicles you wished that you had mine
Fuck so good that it should be a crime
Chefs got talent, we on that Susan Boyle shit
Take a dump on competition boy you in the toilet
Black and White pussy, dont matter im not racist
Pop that bitch in the ass, now that pussy apeshit
Made a couple dollars, in a couple seconds
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I finish in first, you finish in second
Clothes just Gucci, clothes just Louis
Ya clothes is shit, Abercrombie and bitch
Look so good, I look like Zeus
Got that bitch ridin, in the water like Poseidon

When I say suck you say dick
When I say pussy you say eat it
When I say ST you say D

Oh shit man
Shouts out to all you motherfuckers out there
Shouts out to damian
Shouts out to fabian
Shouts out to alex
Shouts out to all you motherfuckers out there for helping me create the album
I'm repping for the 90210
Beverly Hills motherfucker
Oh shit, Axle Foley up in here motherfucker YEAHHH

Oh yeah by the way i forgot to mention
Shouts out to kepok gang
Shouts out to kepok klan
Shouts out to all you motherfuckers

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