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The Chefs - TESTIFY lyrics



Testify........ Testify

[Chorus: $HAUN MILLER]

I got no love for no n***a thats gon testify (no snitchin, no snitchin) x2
You did that dirt wit dat n***a now you gon tesitify?
You got that n***a locked down now you gon testify?
I got no love for no n***a thats gon testify (no snitchin, no snitchin)

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[Verse 1: $HAUN MILLER]

n***as posed to be homies but they be telling on they friends, you can sit and read about it I heard it over again, n***as plottin wit da Ds they watching when you got keys, first 48 got these gangstas teased, feds got these n***as choking and selling out for a plea, blood thicker than water, but family is out of order, get you k**ed like an abortion, they be plotting on extortion, get you ran down and contorted, get you sent out and deported, how you riding wit ya boy but got a toy up on ya hip, and when the five-O pull you over you say that ain't even sh**, And if they take you in I bet you snitch, i bet u won't get sent away, you see tomorrow and u seen today, ya homie just got sent upstate, its so sad that stood there and looked em in his eye, and you pleading on the stand and watching his family cry, put ya hand on da bible but you just told a lie, i heard u reap what u sow lil homie might die


[Verse 2: $HAUN MILLER]

How you walk around with d** and you acting like the plug, when you get with ya n***as you be acting like a thug, we heard you sweet foreal, closed mouths dont get fed, so you talking to the feds, just to get ya family fed, i got no love for a n***a thats gon testify, these n***as snitching on they mans like they extra high, Gotta take ya own wrap, let ya lawyer beat the case, tell em you ain't seen nothing ya whole memory been erased, these judges and cops racist they'll pin a case with no trace, they love giving no options most the time its life you face, its hard enough the life you face, its impossible winning races, When the country f**ing races its impossible with these cases
(bridge) but real n***as dont snitch, thats wat Og told me, and real n***as dont b**h thats what big bro told me, so if you did the crime you do the time, its only right, you hold it down, and do them years, and hold back them tears


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