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One of Mexico's most respected and imitated heavy metal bands, the Chasm was formed in 1993 by ex-Cenotaph vocalist/guitarist Daniel Corchado along with guitarist Erick Diaz, ba**ist Luis Martinez, and drummer Antonio Leon. After launching its career with the Awaiting the Day of Liberation demo, the band proceeded to display its unique mixture of violent d**h and ambient black metal with a series of increasingly original and accomplished albums: 1994's limited-edition Procreation of the Inner Temple, 1995's epic From the Lost Years, and 1997's d**hcult for Eternity...The Triumph. Around this time, Corchado temporarily lent his services to American d**h metal masters Incantation, then relocated to Ohio with Leon in tow, and once there rebuilt the Chasm from the ground up using new members Julio Viterbo (guitar) and Alfonso Polo (ba**). Finding a record label to their liking was no easy task, but the bandmembers eventually signed with independent Dwell Records for 2000's acclaimed Procession to the Infraworld -- only to see the label go bankrupt almost immediately. Largely because of this, 2001's Reaching the Veil of d**h EP and the following year's Conjuration of the Spectral Empire were self-released affairs, but the band's next album, 2004's The Spell of Retribution, would emerge through Earache subsidiary Witches Brew. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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