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The Chasing Monster - Albatross lyrics

Here's shapes, here's colours, here's humans
Weak mortals, chained to the earth
Creatures of clay as frail as the foliage of the woods
Unfortunate race, whose life is but of darkness
As unreal as a shadow
The illusion of a dream
They were making a fool of him
His wings were crooked, out of control
He was down
Those sailor men were screaming and laughing
He was imprisoned
Struggling to escape from the waves that had tied him down
Like those mariners floating over and over on their tiny boat
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On an infinite ocean
He was exhausted
Only one of the sailors seemed moved by this sight
He was tenderly watching the last breath of a long journey
For a moment the eyes of the mariner
And those of the tired animal met
The look of a friend you know you will never see again
Just rest now and soon you'll be fine, thought the young man
Before the sea swallowed him
The mariner saw the bird almost whispering to him
Those last words are still floating upon the morning breeze
Still whispering to the willing creatures
Those words give wings to the mind and make men soar to heaven
As I fall, the wind will carry me on

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