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The Chalets - Theme From Chalets lyrics

You're making us wanna un-buckle our trousers You're making us wanna tightened our skirts You got us thinking that maybe we got this good thing You got us thinking maybe you've got us all wrong We're slipping our black boots right off our feet We're slipping our keys right in your back door We're feeling all crazy want you here by our side We're feeling all creep want to get right outside

And I don't think you like that we are walking But a little bit of talking wouldn't have gone astray I don't think that you are believing us Your eyes are deceiving you We're running yeah we're running far away
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Let's fix some cocktails and make them so strong Let's not get too drunk but we'll play along Let's put on FM sit back and relax You must be joking get out of my kaks Don't think it's working their coats are still on Just five more minutes and then we'll be gone

Why did we come here the boy is a nerd? Don't fancy yours much but I do like my bird I'm really sorry they looked good in the dark Yours is a howler she looks like she could bark Oh come on ladies you're k**ing us here What are you talking about we came for the beer We'll call a taxi maybe she you next week Oh come on boys you're just stupid freaks

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