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The Brunettes - Cupid lyrics

Cupid, if you're here
Quickly point your arrow at that one
Her brunette hair is long
And she is so much fun
Which means she is my #1

She needs him
To wink, he might be cooler than
A pubescent spock

And then he said
Well, I'll be your boy

Well, she's very aware
That he's quite drunk

Cupid, come here
Quickly point your arrow at that one
'cause this is not a rebel song
I swear, this is love
So dish me up the hootchie-coochie stuff
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He needs her, whoa
And although he's shy in nature
He can't control his heart

And then she said
I'll be your girl

Yeah, and everything was groovy
See, their hearts were in a whirl

And sometimes you just need a second chance
Honey, when you drink
Things seem to end in a mess

Cupid, ooo
He's the one
She's the one

Cupid, ooo
She's the one
He's the one

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