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The Bruisers - Brown Paper Bag lyrics

Oi Oi Oi
We said Oi
f**ing Oi

We went out drinking one summer night
So far so good, there were no scumbags in sight
Went to the party and I had no cash
Spotted the refridge and it was full of Billy ba**
Me and the boy's drank em all till there's no more
Then we sent some dickhead running to the store

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Plenty of beer no scumbags in sight
Bruisers out drinking and there ain't been a fight
We're all here with our friends
Causing trouble till the party ends

Started getting late and the beer was almost gone
Went to the one place where we always belong
Last call at the bar we're looking forward to it every night
If we don't get more beer there's gonna be a fight
Got to the Bar and f** it was closed
Boys all yelling this really f**ing blows

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