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The Broken Record - Stay Here With Me lyrics

[Hook] [Kevin Mulligan]
I'm Coastin',
And Im floatin',
Down the coast and,
Will you stay here with me? [Verse] [Josh]
Yo this Petty love got me stunned/ Free falling in the sun,
Running while we're young/ And dumb enough to be the one,
Cause she is.../ La Vie En Rose,
From her scarred character/ Down to those Red Rum toes,
And the beat of my heart/ Matches the ripple of the sea,
Banking on a smile, That cripples every bit of me,
She's the epitome/ Of s**y in a sundress,
Undressed by the sunset/ And then asked me what's next,
Girl I don't know/ Cause I'm just California dreamin',
That I might wake up/ And you're feeling what I'm feeling
And im... [Hook 2x] [Kevin] [Verse] [Orion]
Huggin' and Kissin'/ Believe I'm wishin' that competition,
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And time/ Floats by,
And she knows just what shes doin',
Lovin' every moment that I see her now we're cruisin',
Love what I'm viewin',
But the way she moves makes me concerned you know,
Its irreversible, Feeling uncontrolled,
But I cant let this emotion go,
My mind says yes and my heart can't say no. [Hook 2x] [Kevin & Orion] [Bridge 2x] [Kevin Mulligan]
Tell me that you're staying cause I'll never leave you,
California dreamin' that get to keep you,
Coastin' for the moment but you know I need you,
To stay here with me. [Bridge] [Josh]
Her eyes are the bay/ illuminate a golden gated,
Bridge a separated/ took my heart and played it, Captivated
Every part of me that waited/ to be faded off of love,
Ace of clubs/ Queen of hearts,
Evade the bluff/ and play the cards. [Hook 2x] [Kevin & Orion] [Hook 2x] [Kevin & Orion] + [Bridge 2x] [Kevin]

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