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The Brokedowns - Life Is A Breeze lyrics

There are no horrors out there
That you don’t choose to see you best believe
It’s been a right time right place for me
So why choose a life that’s spent on your knees?

Because life is a breeze
At least it’s always for me

It’s not that I can’t relate
I’m just a self-made self-paid king on his throne
Spinning a million plates
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How can it be bad with such clean streets?
Are these first world wants or actual needs?
Follow my moves, follow my lead
Forget your pain and repeat after me

Life is a breeze
At least it’s always for me

The day that I’ll have to relate
To all the bitter sprouts from rotten seeds
Life is a breeze at least that’s always how it seems
It’s always been for me so why can’t they see life is a breeze

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