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The Brokedowns - Keep Branson Weird lyrics

There’s nothing new in this town, there’s nothing to do in this town
There’s even less these days since you ain’t around
And the busy city streets now just make cemetery sounds
There’s a dustbowl where there once was fertile ground
It’s coated with roaches wet dreams
They soaked themselves right through their high thread count sheets
Rats will lead the fleas right to the people, veins always find a leach
To join arm and arm in harmony to sing
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Our business is divine the parasite lord salivates
Failure relies on your compliance and my how you accommodate
Our business is good
Our business is the vine that nourishes the poison grapes
Now that you’ve drank down all the wine
Come join us in the fucked refrain
Our business is good
Our business is,
Our business is failure and business is great

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