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The Brokedowns - DIY Space Program lyrics

This won’t work it’s been done, it’s been tried
According to me sloth majesty the king of the swine
And I found my niche staying inside
Bingeing on apathy purging picket signs
Out of your head, get it out of your head
You’re pumping out water soon the water turns to sand
I guess it’s better to pretend
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That all your slings and your arrows can ever make a goddamn dent

You swing and try and work and reach reminds me I can’t make a dent
I call it all naïve and bleak I’m just too weak to make a dent
So I give up on everything that’s not within my own arms reach
Because I can’t make a dent
Why bother with anything if I can’t make a dent?
King of the swine

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