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The Brokedowns - A Child's Guide To Black Metal lyrics

The beach is burnt and blistering the dark clouds cast no shade
It’s bummer vibes at the lake of fire the demons hog all the waves
And they love to say the sulfur smell won’t go away
But the papers and the witch doctors won’t say with a straight face
There’s always some new poison in the well
The damned are just as scared as you but damned if you can tell
When they’re always out there celebrating the vomit victories parading
Parasites invading every cell
But there’s no such thing as hell
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Today there was a ma**acre right out on our street
Tomorrow’s a new disaster like our eyes have never seen
I don’t like the strychnine when they try to say it’s sweet
Same with Saccharine the substitutes trade the marrow for the meat
Bombs will fall and heavy hearts will swell
The butcher blocks will quickly fill with innocence for sale
I can’t always carry you through broken gla** and vampire tombs
Through seas of piss and vinegar we’ll sail
But there’s no such thing as hell

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