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The Blackley Experience - Thief Down Down lyrics

[Verse 1]
I came down from the Mountains (The Mountains yeah)
With a sword in my fist
It was born in a fountain
Of the dead's it has kissed (All the dead's)
Up there they called me the chieftain
But down fell the mist (yes it did) [Verse 2]
I was walking on a highway
When I met mister thief
(I said) Do you live near a byway?
Don't think he knew it was me
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('said) You're the one who took our power
And then I hit him down [Chorus]
I struck a thief down down down
He was a wanted man (Now I'm a wanted man)
I remember the last frown
From when he fell to the ground [Verse 3]
Down at the foot of the mountains
It's where the rash ones reside
They read books, and leave bloodstains
Don't respect no divine
Up there we pray to a totem
But that's what we incline

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