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The Black Ace - Savior lyrics

When the world is too much
I can be your savior
Your faith's broken and you need a crutch?
I can be your savior
When you can't shed another tear
I can be your savior
I'll be the voice to ring true and clear

Now I can be your savior
I can be your savior (x2)
Oh, oh, ooh
I can be your savior (x3)

[1st Verse]
Sometimes we feel like we're in a broken reality
Not happy or sad, it's a neutrality
The world is heavy on my shoulders like I'm Atlas
But I'll keep lifting, the strength of my soul can handle this
Time is flowing like a river torrent
Sometimes I try to go back, but I gotta stay with the current
Racing fast like it's urgent
Pushing past all the burdens
I'm changing from how I've been so I guess you'd say that I'm learning
My aspirations are high
A fish jumping out the water 'cause I was made to fly
An eagle stretching out it's wings to soar into the sky
A man created by God with a purpose so I guess I'll try
To be better than I am
On my Obama tip 'cause I believe that “Yes we can”
Hold the peace 'cause it's always been in our hands
And when we listen to each other, then we'll understand

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

[2nd Verse]
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Now if you look up to the future, you can't be brought down
And I'm a true leader so I don't just roll with the crowd
But I roll with the squad, the ones that I trust
But even when you walk alone, confidence is a must
Everybody gets judged, that's a fact of life
But if you look out for yourself, the hate is out of sight
Set your mind on the best, you'll never fail to succeed
But if you get lost on the way, follow me and I'll lead
And sometimes you're kicked down
Can't catch a break, getting shoved to the ground
But you stand back up, take it blow for blow
‘Cause that's when your true determination starts to show
And when they push me, I push back
Stressed so much I think I had a damn heart attack
But my friends and family love me alot
Bulletproof heart like the vest of a cop


[3rd Verse]
When you don't know what to do
You came to a divide and you made the wrong move
I've been there too so let me help you

Little girl
Stuck in a room
Thoughts in her head and her mind is consumed
Knees to her chest with a face full of gloom
But the love that she holds is a flower yet to bloom
It's time to stand up and uncover your eyes
‘Cause our dreams live forever high in the sky
No time to curl up
No time to cry
I'm here by your side
So any time you feel like…

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

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