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The Black Ace - Automatic Switch (Mask Off Remix) lyrics

Knock knock?
Who's there?
It's the one that's always been there
The lyrical beast, up from the Northeast
But appeared in the South at the time to declare
His name, planting seeds in the mind to take root so he had to go against the grain
The Flow-Rider that can make you all jump, with a click you'll be going insane

[Chorus] (x2)
Had to hit that Automatic Switch (Switch)
Automatic Switch
Hit the beat so hard, hit it in so many ways, you would think it was a glitch

[1st Verse]
I think it's funny, sometimes
How any guy can just write a rhyme
Slap the ba** on a beat, add “yuh” a few times
And suddenly they got a “hit” on the rise
Not hating, it's just an observation
Seems like one word is all you need to rule a nation
If-you want to-rule, I'll be your competition
But when I pull your mask off, I don't want to hear a sound
Some people think that money is what makes you king
Well step aside, because I'm trying to really earn the crown
You flipped the college-age kid like he was a cup
Thought I'd disappear quick, didn't know what was up
Said you rolled with me, never said what's up
Guess I work for less, that's a pay cut
I continued to work hard like always, ready for when these cosmetics ran out of luck

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

[2nd Verse]
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I'm shocking your senses like I'm hitting a switch
Slow it down like a brake, speed it up like a fast pitch
Pushing harder like a scooter
Chasing dreams like I'm a suitor
I make my own way forward
You couldn't drive yourself, you Uber
AFTP, that's the motto
Stamp my name wherever I go
I just want to be remembered for changing lives, Like so
Many others in this game of life, I want a high roll
I'm just tryna bring the bottom to the top like fum-fee-fi-fo
k**ing beats, call me a pyscho
And I'm no instigator
But if you come barking at me I'll be chomping like a gator

Knock knock
Who's there?
It's the one that's always been there (×3)
It's the one that's always been there! (×2)

[Intro + Chorus]

[3rd Verse]
From Tampa Bay, gotta the rep the scene
We cleaning up, city got that Listerine
I'm grinding hard, yeah we building up the team
Always For The People, always chasing dreams
Got the ball rolling, now I'm picking up speed
Heard the calls for real bars so I answered the need
I'm better than most so I talk my talk
You challenge me? Then I'll come walk my walk
I'm spitting the truth in the dark or the limelight
My bars are so cold you should call em a Klondike

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