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The Black Ace - Another Day lyrics

Ooh Oh, Ooh Oh, Yeah
Ooh Oh, Yeah

[1st Verse]
Consciousness awakens, I open up my eyes
Reality grips my mind, my body begins to rise
Wiping away the crust, still dreaming of better times
But my soul is wide awake so my spirit begins to rhyme
Shaking away the weight of the day that just pa**ed
Washing myself anew, it's the birth of a version better than the last
Shedding my mistakes like a cast
I'm getting schooled in how to live right, and I'm on my way to cla**
Each day I'm getting taught by a different kind of teacher
From the home of Mother Nature to the house of Father Preacher
No time to stress about girls, money and books, but yet I do
I don't try, but I guess it's just a result of what I've been through
Caught in daily struggles like I have two personalities
The part that's never given up and the part that's always doubted me
But like ying and yang, they're two parts of a pair
The everlasting search for a balance that's always there
But hides in plain sight, tell me that ain't the cla**ic schism
Like how we all can gain the knowledge but not everyone gets the wisdom
Step by step, I move towards my dreams
On the stairway to heaven, found in the clouds' seams

Ooh Oh, Ooh Oh, Yeah (x2)
Da da dee da dow da
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Ooh Oh, Yeah

[2nd Verse]
No need to make a name for myself, I have more than one
I'm Adrian, my brother's brother, my mother and father's son
But I've always been the black ace, even when it was day one
Even when I was AD, even when it was just for fun
I was always determined, two words from a name
I still am 'cause the sun I wrote under then is the same
Now, and as I walk the road less traveled by those who stay true
I remind myself of a saying I came up with as a youth

Be better than my past self
And work harder than my last self
Try to make the people in my family proud
Try to make the people in my circle loud
Shouting “The Black Ace! That's my man!
Always knew he'd make it so I've been a fan
Fans see me in the street, they should grab a cam
They know I walk how I talk, never been a sham
My hopes are so high, people call me insane
My rhymes are so fly you should call em a plane
I'm shouting my message, this anti depressant
But feeling the conflict inside of my brain

It's just another day

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