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The Beta Band - The Cow's Wrong lyrics

I went down to the county drug store
I fought with the county law
I went out with my little boy and I told him
**Hun**, I can't see you no more

The cows in the field were silent
The sun lay in an orange bag
The wind blew round an island
But the people could never get back

My dog, my dog, my little black dog
He took a ride on the cookie train
He couldn't handle the pain

Went back to the shops yesterday
To look at the big blue eyes
She was pa**ing me by
She was pa**ing me by
She was pa**ing by little me
She had love in her eyes
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I could see alright
I went to select the **'savers fruits'**
I had designs on a grapefruit tree
Walking around on a slap on a slope
Somebody said to me
They said how doodly do to you little boy
Would like the cow to get you some food
You know anytime you can come on home
And I know that you rather would
There's nobody here but me and the holding iron
Nobody rising getting high on the wire

I s**ed up my room it's in the Hoover
I f**ed up my life it's in the gluepot
And I ran down the road
Kicked my shoes in the air
And I **slipped* and fell in** dogsh**

Running up and down
I f**ed it up

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