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The Bellamy Brothers - Hell Cat lyrics

Hey there, lonely girl
If you've been too long at home
And your mind is on
The brink of vertigo

And your old man
He's so spaced out, he don't know
What to do or where to go

You got to get him up
You got to let that s**er know
That your top has just erupted

You got to get him out
You got to get him on the go
Even if you threaten to bust him

Ooh, you got a little hellcat in you
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And you got to say what you got to say
Ooh, you got a little hellcat in you
And you're gonna get your way

Now if you're miserable
And you're sitting in a dream that
Your feet are somewhere else dancing

You got to let 'em go to that
Nightclub way day downtown
Where the boys are always so handsome

[Repeat Chorus]
Treat 'em bad like you know you should
And pretty soon, he's gonna treat you good
You'll be dining out with kings and queens
And he's never ever gonna treat you mean

[Repeat Chorus 3x]

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