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Reacting against the pop-punk trend that was taking over the airwaves in 1999, Daytona Beach-based metal outfit the Autumn Offering was born. Coming together while still in high school, its members -- Sean Robbins (ba**), Dennis Miller (vocals), Tommy Church (guitar), Matt Johnson (guitar), and Nick Gelyon (drums) -- worked hard to create their own gritty, hybridized version of authentic heavy metal and melodic rock & roll. By 2003, the Autumn Offering had built up an impressive following through frequent regional touring, and next turned their attention to the rest of the country. Self-booking several nationwide tours, the Floridian quintet eventually caught the ear of Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta, who signed the band to Stillborn Records in December 2003. Their full-length, Revelations of the Unsung, appeared in 2004. Subsequent tour dates with bands like God Forbid, Slipknot, k**switch Engage, and Slayer further seasoned the band's live show before the Autumn Offering joined the roster over at Victory in September 2005. An enhanced version of their debut was reissued by Victory in early 2006; the band's sophomore effort, Embrace the Gutter, was released that May. Spring was additionally spent on the road alongside acts like Hell Within, Kittie, and the Calico System. ~ Corey Apar, All Music Guide

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