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The Aggrolites - Free Time lyrics

Free Time
Alright alright alright
Free Tim
Everything is gonna be just fine
Free Time
Comin' home to my baby thought
Free Time
Finally gonna get to reunite
One good thing I could tell you, I'm finally done
My playtime is over now and I could finally come home to my only one
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I've done left things behind now, that will always come and go
But not that little brown-eyed girl ‘cause I know I could see down in her little soul
She said she'd love me all the time
I cannot wait to come home to what is mine

But when I walked inside that house my mouth dropped to the floor
When she said “I liked you gone don't come ‘round here no more!”
I said “Women what you talkin' bout? My love for you has grown!”
She said, “I've done a lot of thinking, and I need some free time of my own.”


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