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In 1984, Thanatos became Holland's first d**h/thrash metal band. Although they did not release an album until 1990, they spent the years in-between playing shows with the likes of Napalm d**h, Kreator, Sepultura, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, d**h Angel, and Messiah. In 1989, they signed a deal with Sh**k Records and released Emerging From the Netherworlds. That album was followed by 1992's Realm of Ecstasy. Both albums were hailed by critics and fans, but due to frustration with the label the band called it quits in 1992. Seven years later, at the height of the d**h and thrash metal revival, the Dutch label Hammerheart re-released the albums and signed the band for another record. Founding member Stephan Gebedi (guitar/vocals) recruited new members Paul Baayens (guitar), Aad Kloosterwaard (drums), and Theo van Eekelen (ba**), and reformed Thanatos in 2000, releasing Angelic Encounters. ~ Kevin Odle, All Music Guide

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