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Tha Dogg Pound - A Dogg'z Day Day Afternoon lyrics

[Intro: Dat n***a Daz]
Yeah! Straight up 9-5!
Kurupt the motherf**in Kingpin, Dat n***a Daz
Creepin and crawlin through your hood, smokin, loccin
Provokin punk motherf**ers like this stuff
Wuz happenin?

[Verse One: Kurupt]
In the dead of winter is when I kick my coldest phrases
Mental as telepathy, lyrically it amazes
Construction of thoughts that's as lethal as turpentine
An expert when I flex rhymes feared like ex-cons
In my zone (zone) you can't even find like Atlantis
Stalk like a prayin mantis, leavin battered bodies on the canvas
The burial ground for clowns, open casket
Trackin n***as down like f**in ba**et hounds
Tragic how the mic gets handled
Prodigious like a vandal on a midnight scandal
You scramble like Randall abusive when I recite on the stage
Double access with a brand new motherf**in mic
Now can I grab the microphone and spit some sh** that's known
To blow the mind of Michelangelo´s poems?
Clones get crushed like stones
I forbid, for rusty motherf**ers to be actin like they all in
With the clique got checks that sh**
And once again it's on, and it's on with the gangsta sh**
I create the beats that beats the f**s right outta ya speakers
Amps are blown, shown for me to grab the microphone alone
Like Jodeci, notice-see ya self needs help
The homie style got the strap on deck
Don't neglect the fact
I can make you or break you (Break you)
Awake you to a new plateau with mo' hoes
Now the paper is made, now don't think twice
n***as is gettin pimped because their game ain't tight
Now well well (well), now welcome where the ballers dwell
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Another day, another dollar, Blueberry to sell
I makes that fast cash, hmm Dat n***a Daz
I'm quicker ta out slick ya, blast in half

DPG eliminates the whole area beyond the thought dismemberin
Motherf** surrenderin
Who, what, when, let's tear sh** the f** up
The homies coolin while you an' ya chest get f**in blew in
Provoke us, survey with the superior focus
I'm Dat n***a like Daz, crooked as scoliosis
S'impossible to survive on my arrival when I arrive
It's left to ya instict of survival
Mashin, cash in ya chips I gotta lil' sadistic sick mind
I find it, I´m mentally sick
And batter
It doesn't matter when ya into it
Ya just entered in a war-zone all alone with ya microphone unguarded
I just started poetical poltergeist precise and cold-hearted
Empty, tempt me, simply ya get shot
Ya forgot I'm down to empty out my clip on ya block
Let the whole place evacuate
Wait until we're face-to-face then it escalates
Duck-down, Kurupt clowns n***as daily, hoes can't play me
Observe I serve those that betray me

[Nate Dogg]
I ain't never seen a joint that I couldn't light
And I ain't never seen a buster that didn't bite
I ain't never seen a G that would go for that
Especially when he knows Tha Dogg Pound got his back
I ain't never seen a game that didn't multiply
We getting kinda deep, yeah the crew and I

[Kurupt] And who am I?
[Snoop] And who am I?
That crazy motherf**er from the DPG, do or die!

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