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Hailing from Tilburg, Holland, Textures is an inventive s**tet that expands (and somewhat humanizes) the oppressive progressive d**h metal style of Meshuggah by incorporating dark melodies and keyboard-led atmospheric pa**ages into their off-kilter rhythmic patterns, and, at times, near-hardcore aggression. Comprised of Eric Kalsbeek (vocals), Jochem Jacobs (guitar/vocals), Bart Hennephof (guitar), Richard Rietdijk (keyboards), Dennis Aarts (ba**), and Stef Broks (drums), Textures formed in 2001 and spent much of the following two years honing and rehearsing this unusual sonic hybrid into the tracks making up 2003's self-released Polars debut -- later reissued by Listenable Records. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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