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TeWo and Mosi - Yin lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

b**h, I be rap embodied
The old school flows through me just like molly
Bars like these ain't no hobby
I'm a beast in a human body
But you could never tell
The shock is that of figuring out that heaven's hell
Take any rap duo in the game, put 'em up against us
And they'll each take a separate L
From the Yin Yang, Twin Flame brothers
Getting disgraced looks from your dismayed mothers
All you b**h made s**as
Tryna get fame from us
Y'all are nothing but the living dead who sit way under
In the ground
Not saying I'm a mainstream puppet
I don't make weed music for the mainstream public
I don't stand on no stage, man, I hover above it
These people think that I'm a little too crazy?
We'll f** it
I am who I am and I won't change for anybody
Posted in the game, k**ing rappers like we sentry gunning

[Verse 2: Mosi]

Liquid funk coming at you, right through the speakers
We giving you that daily dose as if you all are tweakers
Not preachers, we prophets
But we also causing problems
The Lucy, the boomies
Good vibes you know we got them
I rock them microphones
And my third eye never closed
Strange Jewel-Running Zombie Indigo with k**er flows
k**ing foes
And I'm also body bagging all these beats
Wear their skin for a coat, and a necklace out of a teeth
Ya bish, you wish you could be on our level
But how that gonna happen if you facing a devil
Or several
Not just TeWo and Mosi
Bomani give this info because you all are nosy
I'm reincarnated Leonardo da Vinci
I'm Martin Luther, Malcolm X
Did you all miss me?
I'm a righteous protector and I be a lion warrior
Got the mystic sixth sense
Which is that of a higher sorcerer

[Verse 3: TeWo]

All these internet rappers, bruh
That sh** sounds atrocious
Flow is non-existent like they took a heavy dosage
Of a dictionary reading session
So we're 'bout to teach a lesson
How to k** a beat the second
We defeat this evil presence
I'm a need a second
Before I continue
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We tear it up at house parties and smash any venue
We step in
The microphone is my best friend
If you're f**ing with this album then just wait for the next ten

[Verse 4: Mosi]

Lyrical Genius, Nocturnal Monster
Back at it again
The point of view of a bullet, our flows are really damagin'
Like Afghanistan our sh** is always going boom
Our pedigree is beast
And we are keeping you in tune
Mathias and Asim are the Dragon and the Tiger
Ken and Ryu
We some cla**ic street fighters

[Verse 5: TeWo and Mosi]


Pa** me the weed and lighter
So that we can breath some fire
We don't need to be admired
You're just preaching to the choir


Amazing grace, motherf**er, we a blessing to this rap game
Conscious solar guardians are ready to go blast things

[Verse 6: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] We pa**ed fame, aim for universal recognition

[M] We some golden Godly kings but you think that's a superstition

[T] Spitting, Indigo missionary, 'cause that's the true religion

[M] Converting non-believers, only a piece of the mission

[Verse 7: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] We'll beat you too submission
[M] Make you question all reality
[T] Just from our tongues
[M] We the universal cavalry

[T] Giving my whole, not just half of me
[M] We the solar living majesties
[T] Living on a world
[M] Full of weed plants
[T] And acid trees

[Verse 8: Mosi and TeWo]

[M] Third eye stimulant dimensionally traveling
[T] The Indigo Gods have blessed us with many sacraments
[M] No mortal man, 'cause we are the high exalted
[T] Your rhymes against ours?
[T+M] We will win by default b**h

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