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TeWo and Mosi - Transdimensional Seagoats lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

My life is playing in fast forward through past tense
Change for the poor and deranged
I'm talking mad sense
Open up to what I say
'Cause what I say
Is what I breathe
And what I breathe
Is what I'll do
And what I'll do
Is what succeeds
I'm a-floatin' across the sea
Of love and philosophy
There isn't no stoppin' me
I'll probably
Harmonize with Goddesses
Then possibly get lost at sea
Then wake up in a manger thinking
'Damn that was an awesome dream'
Sit back and feel karma's embrace
I know that you're nervous, I see it all in your face
But it's a place where the light straight enters your eye's gaze
You might stay up quite late, but you'll free up your mind's space
Let go of everything that happened in the past
Look forward 'cause the future is happening so fast
I'm sacrilegious, blasphemous, with pacifist by the asterisk
The puzzle pieces go together whenever the acid hits
And that's some sh** I don't condone unless you know you're ready
Be happy with the blessings you've received and do not envy
Anybody, there's a world out there for the taking
There's only one of you, bruh, don't think of a replacement
So get up off the pavement, end your detrimental thoughts
I'm the last airbender, I'm the elemental boss
On the tenth day
Of the tenth month
Five years from the turn of the century
I was born into a world that's stuck inside a penitentiary
My soul is living endlessly
But in this life, I'm a healer of the people
I'm replenishing your energy
An enigmatic entity
My pen's my pa**ion's weaponry
I, I guess I love for other people, that's my destiny

[Pre-hook: TeWo]

But that's life
Life for me at least
I've given myself to other people so I could be at peace
And now I need to release my thoughts to raise my frequency
And pa** it to the people, so eventually they see what we
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You only need you
Uh, because this life is see through
Ay, someday you'll understand that statement
Just do what you love, and always let your pa**ion bleed through

Be you
Be you
Be you
Be you
Be you, be you, be you, be you
Just do what you love and always let your pa**ion bleed through

[Hook: TeWo and Mosi]

That's how you become a Transdimensional Seagoat
That's how you become a Transdimensional Seagoat
That's how you become a Transdimensional Seagoat
That's how you become a Transdimensional Seagoat
And that's how you become a Transdimensional Seagot

[Verse 2: Mosi]

(Know thyself, love thyself, love life, love love)

Dream a little bigger and alter your whole perception
We're on consciousness inside the third dimension
Lay down, eyes closed, listen to words suggested
Did I mention that this motion leads to astral projection?
The Earth has a vast presence
Sparks all man's ideas
Race is only labels because we originate from Pangaea
When I see a person in need, I do my very best to help them
'Cause one positive can temporarily stop their hell
And it's true
When they say that we create our own reality
The Universe inside of you, your soul's got immortality
Have a gentle heart, open mind, check your morality
Let the ego fall a little and show them how to be
A soul full of happiness
Which cannot be eradi-di-cated
To calm my nerves and slow my thinking, Mary Jane
I gotta take it
I'm trying to be the light that everybody fails to see
Open your mind and perspective
Let me fill with positivity
Get lost in the moment and become transdimensional
Only one Earth, make it work for all the animals
And you, every life is of equal value
Cherish these moments, I salute, and I say salud


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