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TeWo and Mosi - Red Pill, Blue Pill lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

Operation optimist
I'm spreading everything positive
Dystopian post-apocalypse
The orange is on some clockwork sh**
The populace is opposite of free, while the bankers stay opulent
Freedom of speech no longer exists
So now I gotta run from the cops again
I'm on the lam, I'm on the run with gun in hand
From Uncle Sam, the father of the Motherland
The Son of Sam
It's something man, to know their other plans
And still remain so subtle, damn
Still considered sick by the standards of every govern man
Stretched out like a rubber band, I'm finna snap
I'm gonna land on another world
'Cause this one's getting sick of rap
It's cinematic, spitting magic, in a fascist nation
That we have come to create through so many decades of maturation
It's a pastor's nation, Pope is all powerful
And the Catholic priests will have their way with
Anyone who's fascinated
Government and religion are a match that's made in heaven
That's according to officials and preachers, 6667

[Verse 2: Mosi]

Running from my life because this can become a close one
I am hiding from the robot coppers, just my luck, I have no gun
On the run, my heart is beating
And I'm dodging flying cars
Sweating, bleeding
I hope my objective isn't very far
Pew pew pew
Lasers shooting, pa**ing by my body
I got lucky but they got a lady who was in the lobby
Up the stairs, to the right, down the hall, on my left
Pa**ed the sir, pa**ed the miss
Never guess who I pa**ed next
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Six cops, then I hopped out the window and caught a vehicle
My adrenaline pumping quick, this moment is perfectly seizable
Open up the doors, I get in, and toss someone out
He is falling, I am speeding, and this motherf**er's out
Weaving in and out of traffic
Switching lanes and elevations
Reaching in my pocket
I pull out my special medication
In my veins, this liquidation
Potion number ninety nine
I'm super high, driving in the sunset I am mighty fine

[Verse 3: TeWo]

Never thought I'd get this far to be a public enemy
The human kind is sick and I believe I got the remedy
The FBI is watching and the CIA is stalking
Dragon and the Tiger are AmeriK-K-K's most wanted

[Verse 4: Mosi]

The Full Retard bumping, yeah I'm going hard
But I hear them police sirens in the distance, maybe six cars
Back, so I slammed on the gas, super fast, I ditch 'em
They gon' have to k** me 'cause I will not go back in they system

[Verse 5: TeWo]

B-b-bump this sh**, like they do in the future
If you ain't part of the revolution, they better shoot ya
Uh, I'm a mercenary, lost in space and time is wasted
Honestly, my mind is tainted with thoughts of crime against the man

[Verse 6: Mosi]

Always checking my surroundings, I hope they don't scope me out
My head is spinning round and round just like I am an owl
How they gonna k** me
Will they make me beg for d**h?
Well this right here, in this moment, this the test

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