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TeWo and Mosi - Psychedelic Romance (ft. Michaela Benson) lyrics

[Verse 1: Mosi]

Stunned by your beauty
I have no words I can utter
Blinders in my vision
Couldn't care for another
You're from another world, I can tell from your aura
And captivating ocean eyes, and your sweet aroma
Put inside a coma
'Cause your touch is so electrifying
Your soft cheeks pull back and show your smile that's mesmerizing
Memorizing all your likes
And taking mental interest notes
Lovely lady, I want to see if you taste like luscious cantaloupes
Tossed from a catapult is what my heart is when I kiss you
Jumping out my chest
You had better duck so it will not hit you
Saddened if something had happened to face made by divines
You're beauty slays, it's savage, it's magic
Or maybe it's the wine
Fresh as mountain pine
And your hair fall perfectly into place
Iris Bleu de France and your pupils as big as outer space
Now I know you trippy and into a certain romance
Psychedelic to be specific, want energy?
We hold hands
Wouldn't mind a slow dance
Let's do it and make a memory
Never done it before but you got me higher than ketamine
I can talk to you for hours
Girl, you are intriguing
An incarnated soul, love, you are another being

[Hook: Michaela Benson]

Are you
Are you
Are you gonna come inside and dream with me
Are you gonna vibe my frequency

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[Verse 2: TeWo]

This music is a reflection of your beauty
Which could only be topped, if I was seeing you on Lucy
You're nothing short of flawless
Partly because you're conscious
But I want to see your naked soul, not just see you topless
Conversing with a Goddess
So I'll show you what a God is
My heart is still locked away
But you could be my locksmith
Fuck anyone who talks shit
It's only about you and me
Some dudes could give you the world
I'll give you two or three
Your aura is familiar, in it there is serenity
I see all colors of every spectrum within your energy
Your third eye is a menace to closed minded individuals
That's why I find you so beautifully metaphysical
Uh, all I see is repeating numbers around you
That are telling me that I am straight lucky as fuck to have found you
But more like you found me
And all of my surroundings
You got me having quiet thoughts all day
But having loud dreams
I show affection like you've never seen it before
If you don't know, I bet you've never had a Libra before
Let's try touching our pineals and dreaming galore
If you don't know, better be prepared to see it some more

[Hook: Michaela Benson, Mosi, TeWo]

Are you
Are you
Are you gonna come inside and dream with me
Are you gonna vibe my frequency
Are you gonna come inside and dream with me
Are you gonna come and be my king (queen)
Are you?

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