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TeWo and Mosi - Penumbra lyrics

[Verse 1: Dudahl]

Does it move or do I?
If were all stardust why do we cry?
If I can't see it then is it there?
Do we control destiny or is it written somewhere?
Don't hold the truth from me cause
Im a part of this mystery
Don't hold the truth

[Verse 2: TeWo and Mosi]


This is the evolution of life within our message
'Cause the restitution we pay displays our lives in all their essence


I was born into this world all because I have a purpose
To save a soul in pain, show the way, they filled with courage

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Back in the days when I felt worthless, my purpose came from insurgence
I'm learnin' to peacefully adapt to every single occurrence


You are very special, you are, your soul is priceless
You're distinct, not replicated, and you are filled up with diamonds


Sit in silence of your mind and simply take a few deep breaths
And never ever forget to nurture what is beating in your chest


Because love is love in many forms
Love takes our souls to astral shores
Love is unconditional, let it in, lay down your castle doors

(Just, never, never ask for more
Never ask for more

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