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TeWo and Mosi - Metaphysical Duality lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

I'm a stalactite, damn right
I started in the stars and I came down last night
I'm the last light, in a dark realm
With a mind part heaven and part hell
In the days of mental apartheid
I was sent to be a guide through the dark times
Uh, music is a pathogen
But I know they gonna wanna give you shots
f**ing with a true God
Looking like 2Pac
Run up in the Vatican with this on a boombox
And blow smoke in a Pope face
Sacrilegious living, I snatch up his gold chain
Then disappear from the planet with no trace
Nobody gonna be able to keep up with my slow pace
No race, but I already won it with no chase
Third eye open not going back to my old ways

[Verse 2: Mosi]

Burning the blue dream, sidney seduce me
Expanding brain matter while I'm bumping the Fugees
s**a sue me if you got a problem
I'm a product, prophetic, I'm on one
A Martian, a Spartan, I'm guarding my soul
So pardon my way, yeah, a**hole
I'm gold inside, motherf**er I'll turn you into a poltergeist
Know I'm wise, an old soul
Been rocking with the rhythm and the melody
And I'll bite 'em with the venom, I'm a villain with a feelin', so you n***as know it's me
I'm colder than ice age, my flame like betelgeuse
Calling me lame, and you are gonna feel the noose
Where's your crew? I'm like Cell I haven't reached my perfert form yet, I am horus

[Verse 3: TeWo]

The Universe is lacking balance
Rappers now are lacking talents
Everyone is filled with hate and bulletholes, packing malice
Acts of violence, nothing's righteous
People were trained to be f**ing pious
Coal is so far from becoming a diamond
So I meditate sitting in silence
Listen to sounds of Poseidon, the seven seas entering me through my eyelid, emotional roller coaster through an asteroid field with Amun-Ra on autopilot
But do you get it?
Just cause I said it
The Raw Rap Movement is an epidemic
We started with music and now we're prophetic
And now you get star-struck within our presence, b**h

[Verse 4: Mosi]

Levitating while I'm meditating, medicating
Hella faded, in a nation, full of hated, animated
Can I make it, gotta take it, cannot waste it
Aggravated by the basics in the matrix that just wanna be famous
So I'm feeling really heinous, plus I'm also out of body
Tongue popping shots like an automatic shotty
Like atomi, leave you leaking and I'm peaking tripping out
On my way to Pluto and I took a scenic route
Bow down, bow down, I'm royal
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The king, I'm the heaven's highness
Burn the finest, minus bullsh**, get up and go change your mindset
We are timeless souls of blue, so our spirits are always true
You're a brainwashed piece of matter
Evolving is long past due, fool

[Verse 5: TeWo]

I'm feeling hypnotized, and mesmerized
So mesmerized
Cause the music industry is gentrified, intensified
By the pent up lies
Do you wanna become a sentient being?
Start by getting our lyrics memorized
When heaven dies and everything's shattered
Better be prepared for the end of times

[Verse 6: Mosi]

Primal instinct, b**h, I'm a warrior
We in sync and known to be notorious
To a little peasant I really be enormous
Give a n***a whiplash, f**ing up a cornea
With my quick flow
I could make a lady wet
Crouching Tiger like an ape, when I'm banging on my chest
And I'm better than the best
Cause a n***a be superb
Why? I spit quick with every damn word

[Verse 7: TeWo]

Uh, me and destiny lock eyes
In the midst of a battle
Telling me to k** every clock to stop time
While I sit on the saddle
Of a warhorse, war torn, ragged and brain dead
With so many demons altercating in the same head
I'm a head case
I'm a mental patient in dead space
Ancient and dead ways

[Verse 8: Mosi and TeWo]


Psychedelic futuristic and we be the predator
You an alien, and we slay you with a metaphor


Never, never, nevermore, quoth the raven
The sediment and pavement the only place I've been before


Some might think that I'm pretty damn malicious
Maybe so, I be vicious
But you be delicious


My crew, we imprinted in the minds of the youth
And the truth is hidden inside of you

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