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TeWo and Mosi - Luneshine (ft. ILLMITCH) lyrics

[Verse 1: ILLMITCH]

And 4D
They got the, they got the
Imperfect means to measure me
Pursuit of energy, giving me clarity
Hearing the melody, finding the me in me
Ending the tyranny, reaching infinity
Said simply
But did we do a damn thing?
To change your behavior
Be your own savior
All hail the Indigo rhyme
Strap the f** in for this infinite ride

[Verse 2: TeWo]

Tap into my soul, I lose control
And leave my skin
To gain the knowledge that I know is somewhere hidden deep within
Out of body, out of mind
Just listen to what's down inside
The center of your consciousness
Then you will hear the sound of life

[Verse 3: Mosi]

At one with my self
I reside inside my heart cave
I fall in love with knowledge
And I listen to what my heart say
We have all been living since the very dawn of time
Just look inside your golden self and see you're one of a kind

[Verse 4: TeWo]

I'm limitless, no NZT
I'm infinite, I'm endless, we
Are spitting this for evolution
Giving this, our everything
All we want is revolution
And to get past mental slavery
We'll take away all the pain and stress
And then we'll change the way you see

[Verse 5: Mosi]

No miracles or accidents, it is what it is
Dreaming is so beautiful is what I tell the kids
While this
And that
Celebrity corrupt their pureness
I'ma give 'em the raw, dirty truth
So they can take heed and endure this
I got hope in humanity
But it is gonna be a while
Love who you got
If a problem, better reconcile
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He and she will smile
Just drop them something positive
Find yourself and then you'll see
What a God and or a Goddess is

[Verse 6: TeWo and ILLMITCH]

[T] Life has taught me lessons, and I remember each
[I] Music our obsession, consciousness is what we teach
[T] No college, just the 4th dimension
[I] Closed mind, no comprehension, necessity to co-creation
[T] Hatred leaves our presence

[Verse 7: ILLMITCH]

All these girls deceitful
Absorbing radio fecal
4D free the people
Live life don't fear the reaper

[Verse 8: TeWo]

Here to keep progressing past evil
For all life within this Earth
And all Mankind for what it's worth
I'll change your mind with just one word

[Verse 9: Mosi]

I am you and you are me, and we and she
We be the Moon
Someday little caterpillar
You will break out your cocoon
Assume nothing in this moment
Just be quiet, take a breath
Pursue your personal Legend
And fulfill and go live out your quest

[Verse 10: ILLMITCH]

We're reaching perfection
While you reflect a disconnection
You claim to be a rapper, kid
But never fail to mention
All your little beefs
Fueling our societies oppression
Simply claiming to be real
Is not a good impression

[Verse 11: TeWo]

Nothing lasts forever
Except your soul of course
You're a star and I'm a star
And we're all on a solar course
A cosmic flight through all dimensions
You are God, don't call a reverend
Break through all your mental prison bars and you'll embody heaven

Four dimensions

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