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TeWo and Mosi - Henny In Hotel Cups lyrics

[Verse 1: Mosi]

Tingles through me, I feel free
Symbolism, three three three
Solving all life's mysteries
Giving vivid imagery
Energy from me to you
I'm meditating with the Moon
I'm in no hurry, won't leave soon
I have evolved from my cocoon
Sacred Geometry in my sight
I'm on a ride, identified
I'm soaring falcon high
I welcome d**h, no fear to die
Dreaming forever, becoming a pleasure
Reality won't suffice, it cannot measure
Greater to feel, and also to see
When you break through you will start to believe
She is so beautiful, hail Lunar Queen
Every day she says to me she wants unity
Soul of the bluest, writing this music
Spreading the love like my name was now cupid
Drink from the river, I stay on my path
I learn from mistakes that are made in the past
Live in the moment, the moment is bliss
My eyes had dilated when I had kissed

[Bridge 1: Mosi and TeWo]
Her, the one that they call Sidney
She is the most wonderful woman there is to me
So if you ever get the chance, go
Spend a trip with Sidney
And feel her wonderful pleasures (yes)
Trust me, bruh
At this point of the song we would like
(THE RAW RAP RELATIONSHIP... to come join us)
Take the mic, sirs
(Okay, b**h)

[Verse 2: TeWo and Mosi]


I'm a droplet of water in an ocean, just coastin'
Soakin' up the sun rays to create a love potion
Now I'm hopin' to evaporate and captivate an audience
I want peacemaker on the top of my list of accomplishments


Thanks to my experience, I'm giving you all wisdom
Putting love inside my pa**ion, manifestin' that you listen
Complete every dream of fantasy that you are really longing for
Live with love and to your destination you'll be on the shore


Started as a seed, now my roots grew into a tree
Branching off, creating peace, love, fruit, and unity
You are me and I am you, that is a timeless truth
Constantly progressing, I can tell because I just grew


Three eyes, clean mind, King, and a righteous spirit
See my soul will heal yours if you get near it
Leave you fully rejuvinated, brand new you
Anticipate the moment you flourish and evolvin' and then you really made it


Never seen a funeral 'cause everybody lives forever
Energy so beautiful, I'm radiating getting better
With each single written letter, now it's like I'm spittin' pleasure
Going forth on this adventure, makin' fans out of contenders


I-N-D-I-G-O, M-O-S-I, TeWo
Do more than blow weed smoke
We show everybody that we equal
Share love and unity to the people
And make the new world peaceful
Exterminate the evil


Pencillin' my mental on this paper, it's essential
All the drops on my tongue got me feelin' presidential
Penicillin to the brain, heals unnatural disasters
Now I gain a new perspective with each mental image captured, wow


Beauty in each body, everybody you do not have no flaws
I wanna live inside a world where we do not have any laws
'Cause the world restored and everybody loves and coexists
Everything is everyone's there's no official ownership

[Verse 3: TeWo]

(Henny, Henny, in hotel cups)

I've been sippin' Henny, a bit too much
A simple touch is plenty, but I mixed it with a bit of rum
And don't forget what's on my tongue, wait
It dissolved an hour ago
I think I'm peakin', I don't know, but I feel powerful
The hours slow-ow-ow, clocks not in my vision
Goddesses enter into my head like conjugal visits
I start to get trippy, yo what was I thinkin'?
Then I start to get tipsy, look in my cup like what am I drinkin'?
I'm a s**er for euphoria
Just look at my dilated pupils and hella glazed over corneas
Tablet or droplet I cop it, then I pop it
Yo, acid over shrooms, I prefer not feeling nauseous
But I still see the world in its original form
Like one continent before it split into more
I am the physical form of energetic affection
I spread it to every single individual that I met, b**h

[Verse 4: Mosi]

Hypnotic, sippin' liquor, gettin' sicker
Quicker trippin' with her, I'ma miss her
Twisted like a twister, I'ma twist her
When I kiss her it's adventure when I'm with her
And I'm in her inner energy
Transferred to anatomy
In reality, we romantically are in a fantasy
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It can be a moment that is magically beautiful

[Verse 5: TeWo]

Trip, switchin' up tempo
Just to get your blood flowin', slowin' time
Dimensions of no design ever seen before
So better things galore, now
I'm in sync with floral patterns
I have been to more than Saturn
Mad Hatter, wonder when I'm gonna land
On the other hand do I wanna?
Hope you understand, mama

[Verse 6: Mosi]

Comin' in a fallen angel, eyes are red, I lost my halo
Feelin' great, I gotta say though
I am trippy, is that J.Lo?
No? Damn then I lost my motherf**in' mind
I've been taking psilocybin more instead of snortin' lines
Wavy, wavin' to everybody that I know and see
When they see my melanin they all recognize that I'm King
Enemies beware of this ethereal energy
Endlessly evolvin' and I'm always progressin', G
Blotter on my tongue, I got the craziest visuals
I got the munchies now I want some Honey Nut Cheerios
Makin' my ears explode, and smokin' on the medical
You on your first joint, and I've smoked about several
A glowing young hetero, reppin' every single neg-er-o
Uplifting souls, tryna' find every lost Indigo
Champagne, drinkin' out the bottle, it's a new year
Standin' at the window, face the city, I have no fear

[Verse 7: Mosi]

Evolution is improvin' and it's movin' up within our movement
Super lucid, do the students get when they stray from foolish
Tactics from the ma**es, so follow the 4th Dimensional
Experience, you curious?
Come over, we ain't sentinels
We some leaders a league of cheetahs, some new age Kings
You don't believe us we give you seizures all to your ears and brain
Defeating Heathens, I'm breathin' heat of a flaming Summer season
Think I'm peakin', listen to us and then you gonna see what we are seein'
Red pill swallow now I'm seeing oh so clear
Red eyes, blue eye and I am prepared
For any challenge, I steady balance, I'm firmly grounded
In the systematic game, I fly up and I drink from the God chalice
Believe it, then achieve it, then you're livin' really grand
You're the architect of your life, and you are in demand
If your plan is to build yourself a historical monument
Then get movin' and producin' fruits and steady up on your sh**

[Verse 8: TeWo]

(Henny, Henny, Henny)

4D we arrive in one whip
If you're in a ride just bump this
Stimulate your mind with one drip
Sidney is my bride, we tongue kiss
On our honeymoon in public
Honey we consume each other
Money is a tomb, don't touch it
Lucy is my only lover
(Uh) in the front of a Suburu
Movin' through universe so who should I prove it to?
Who doesn't see it quite yet?
Bet pharmaceuticals don't wish for the best
Yesterday I was stressed
Blessed today, so I'm amazed at the rest
Placin' a bet, takes ten listens to relate what we said
Hate, is nothin' but an afterthought
Creating a kingdom so big it even rivals Camelot
And that's a start, but me and Mosi have a long way to go
I'm livin' within my heart cave, 'cause that's the only place I know
My aura is a safe haven, step within
Any room that I occupy is displayed with decadence
I've been made to represent a peaceful, loving trippy hippy
We see each opportunity and split it fifty fifty

[Verse 9: Mosi]

Manifestin' love, I'm tryna' make that sh** go global
Tryna' raise up a King and Queen, the ones who remain loyal
To themselves, so noble, they hopeful, I certainly believe
That one day the Earth will be right again and very full of trees
Restored nature and made it luscious
Vibrant colors, clean air, plus it's
Peaceful here on Earth we love it
So much kissin', hugs, and lovin'

[Verse 10: TeWo]

(Oh sh**, is it my turn again? Alright)

I started as nothin' and turned myself into a God
I remember when I wrote that line, but now I know I was wrong
'Cause I always was one, I come from
The beginning of existence, and time, yeah I am the Moon and Sun's son
I made a promise to the universe to be it
Some day when I take all its knowledge and then increase it
I'm a being that's been soaked in the Elixir of Life
And if the world ends once, then I'm fixing it twice
Uh, I remember as a child I just chased after beauty
I fell in love quite often, even with characters in movies
And then I remember the middle when depression dimmed the shimmer in my pupils, I was stuck in the loopholes of being a sinner, uh
I still am, but I'm like five times less wild
And I look forward to the days when I can look in the eyes of my child
And see the same stars I saw in the sky when I was that kid
You wouldn't believe it, but our producer gave me my first acid
Before TripleRRR existed, or should I say came to light
'Cause we always existed, outside of space and time
You could say, me and Mosi found ourselves through these rhymes
I sincerely hope you find the same, just listen to what's inside
In my mind the system died 'cause I created my own legacy
Popped that pineal open, now my mind just gets ahead of me
Twisted thoughts and ostentatious behavior just turned to blissful optimism now my wishful thoughts have made me a savior
Just make me greater, way greater than I could've imagined
Most artists wanna make music, but forget to put in the pa**ion
I always be comin' across love in abundance
Hopin' to search the Earth's circumference
Uncover it, I'll discover it, you know that's my job and I'm lovin' this
Sun kissed heart, Moon kissed mind
Serpent body, blue tint eyes
Yellow aura, tattooed hand
With my pulsing pineal gland
Bloodshot eyes, that's who I am
And if it's not then I'll be damned
If it's not then I'll be damned
If it's not then I'll be damned

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