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TeWo and Mosi - Good Morning, America lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

I was walking along the streets of Brooklyn after noon
In crisp November weather, rocking gloves and a couple jackets too
The air was tasting sweet than cinnamon mixed with apple juice
Something didn't feel right, started walking faster pa**ing through
I thought nothing of it, motherf** it doesn't matter
Then I noticed undercover cops and thousands of birds scatter
Is it a omen? Or should I just keep walkin' on home
But I've never been one to ignore all the signs and the symbols of everything that is foretold
Am I just in a mode?
'Cause these walks, got me having deep thoughts
Then I realized the road is closed for 2 or 3 blocks
Ahead of me, I've never seen that happen there so I knew something's wrong
Many people trippin' out
Emergency forces up in arms
I heard a bunch of people openly talkin' about a storm
Then I looked up in the sky to see some rain clouds 'bout to form
But they were large and black and darkness casted all around
A general uproar appeared amongst the crowd
And then the cracking sound of thunder getting near
Becoming louder, then a shower
So everybody just made like f**ing cowards
And dispersed, and then I realized why
The people there were screamin'
Acid rain, got them all to act insane and some were bleedin'
Some weren't breathin'
Was I dreamin' when I saw the storm of locusts?
I couldn't tell if this was real of magic hocus pocus
Don't you know this is the end, a dude has said to me
My friend, you best repent or else your dead
Or stayin' alive should be your focus
Don't you know this

[Verse 2: Mosi]

(Please return to your homes, this is not a drill
Return to your homes, and stay the f** inside)

The sirens going off 'cause there's some twisters wrecking outside
There's some strange clouds, but they've never seen the clouds fly
Like that, out the Nimbostratus motherships appear
Struck with fear, all the humans run to shelters that are near
All help has disappeared and every living soul is on their own
Hurricanes are comin', buildings crumblin', no help from a phone
Every event is postponed and traffics slowly backing up
Earthquakes rumble, windows shatter, people got they a** gla**ed up
That's messed up, and there is a virus that is airborne
Wicked infected eating kids and dogs, she's havin' hair torn
From her scalp while military shooting everything in sight
No insight so every mind there is becoming frantic
So they panic like they should, 'cause Lady Liberty is down
Queens is burnin' down, stores ransacked in all of the towns
Only sound there is is d**h bestowed in its physical form
Peace only temporary, behold the eye of the storm

[Verse 3: Mosi]

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(Oh my God
Oh my God, oh my God
Oh my God)

Finally it stopped but who knows how long it'll last
I think this is the apocalypse, was that all God's wrath?
Doesn't matter, gotta get my girl and go to make the distance
Anywhere that's safer, everything is breaking physics
My girl asked me if this Doomsday
She lookin' pretty fearful
I tell her I don't know right now, it's calm and looking clear so
We took a white Dodge Caravan and then we dipped out
Leaving the Big Apple, heading East
And then a little bit South
Drivin' through the Bronx, doors locked we see some Lions
Cheetahs, tigers, ligers, pumas, gonna start a new empire
Fire here, fire there, but they don't have fire gear
They throwing their tear gas cans while they wear they wear their riot gear
Spreading fear, was this planned?
Or is this all a nightmare?
All of a sudden I saw a shining light that made my eyes glare
Nine flares, shot at us and made me flip and roll the van
I got a broken left arm and she got two broken hands
Damn! What the f** was that
My head is cut and throbbin'
While she sobbin' I see angry humans that are steady mobbin'
Constant coughin', van caught fire and both the doors are jammed
So we kickin' out the windows, cut the seat belt
And we made a new plan
So we ran the other way and avoided all infected
Any second we could die, this sh** is trippy like Inception
Question is, are we being saved?
Or we saving ourselves?
When we survive this horror tale, we gonna have a story to tell
(A story to tell)

[Verse 4: TeWo]

(Repent, repent, repent, repent
Whether you're Christian, m**m, Buddhist
Start repenting)

It came in like a s**erpunch, they wonder what is happening
A product of their evil and their sacrilegious blasphemy
Who knows, but the people are hiding
And some are fighting each other and some are looting, and shooting at people blindly
The almighty hand of Zeus is abusing the power of lightning
The Verizano Narrows in peril, it's so unsightly
The Empire State Building is chilling now on the ground
Time Square's in limbo, you could never hear a sound
The smell of fear is loud, and pungent
And regret is in the air of people wishin' they had built themselves a bunker, f** it!
It's unrelenting, unpreventable, unending
Most the people are done repenting, because most are now transcending
Straight to heaven or hell, or whatever you believe in
Some have come back in another realm
And some are internally bleeding
Just remember not to take your damn loved ones for granted
'Cause it's a hell of a lot harder to tell 'em you love 'em while you're in a casket

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